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Wisconsin ag secretary says farmers are ready to meet consumer needs

Brad Williams



Wisconsin agriculture secretary Brad Pfaff (left) speaks to reporters alongside Rep. Ron Kind at farm event this week near Bangor

A new trade agreement between the U.S. and some foreign customers will give Wisconsin farmers more chances to sell their products.

That’s what the state’s new agriculture secretary, Brad Pfaff, is saying about trade negotiations.

Pfaff, a former staffer for Rep. Ron Kind, says many people are trying to start farms around Wisconsin, and his department offers ways to assist them.

Pfaff says the prices for farm goods from Wisconsin may not be as good as what farmers want, but those growers are eager to sell food and other products around the world.

Speaking at a farm roundtable this week near Bangor, Pfaff said a new budget proposed by Governor Tony Evers should help open up foreign markets.