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How to handle our rotting roads




ow. This has gotten bad. Mother Nature has had her way, and left a mess behind. Our roads, or what’s left of them have become chewed up, now filled with what the mayor calls “pot canyons.” It truly is getting difficult to navigate our streets, and its getting dangerous.  Either drive into the pothole and risk falling in, or swerve and risk causing an accident? This seems to be getting more common. So, how do we respond? First, someone needs to invent some asphalt that can fill the growing number of potholes with something that doesn’t get washed away. And our local crews need to get more manpower to start filling the potholes more quickly. The state needs to do its share and start investing in our infrastructure. Same with the federal government. And local governments need to stop waiting and start spending whatever they’ve stockpiled for road repairs. This is becoming a good argument for public transportation, putting fewer cars and trucks on the road, lessening future damage. In the meantime, stay safe out there. And I’ll see you at the alignment shop.

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