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City crews, sidewalk users upset with all the snow in La Crosse

Brad Williams



Wheelchair users Mike Byers (left) and David Peters complain about lack of snow shoveling to the La Crosse Board of Public Works

It snowed eight days in January and 12 days in February, sending La Crosse city crews out to clean sidewalks.

They’re finding it hard to stay ahead of the next snowstorm and people who already have challenges getting around are fed up.

The city board of public works heard Monday from two friends who use wheelchairs, which are often too wide to get through the narrow paths shoveled on residential streets.

The wheelchair users, Mike Byers and David Peters, have heard businesses talk as if they don’t care.

Byers said many walks in his part of town are only cleared wide enough for one pass by a shovel — about 10 inches — while his wheelchair is nearly 3 feet wide.

City snow removal manager Doug Kerns said this season’s weather has been brutal for trying to get ice off the sidewalks but they’ll send crews out to open up more walks that haven’t been shoveled enough.