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Despite looming two-year construction, MOSES organic farming conference plans to stay at La Crosse Center



If everything goes as planned, the La Crosse Center could be under construction over the next two years.

The $42-million renovation plan for the Civic Center built in 1980 still needs approval from the city.

This weekend, the Center hosts its largest convention of the year, the MOSES Organic Farming Conference.

MOSES communications director Audrey Alwell says they’ve kept an eye on the expansion plan and looked for other options.

“We did do quite a bit of research about two years ago, before La Crosse came to us and said they really wanted to keep us here and that they would be doing this expansion,” Alwell said.

The farming conference has been at the La Crosse Center for all of its 30 years. But the idea of two years of construction can put a damper on things.

Alwell said they explored their options in leaving La Crosse, including the Twin Cities, Rochester and Des Moines. Apparently, they just love the La Crosse area too much.

“Nothing can compare with La Crosse,” she said. “This city is just fantastic. It’s such a nice venue for us.

“Our headquarters is in a small town outside the Twin Cities in Wisconsin. And we pack our whole office in a UHaul truck and come down here. We’re happy to do it because we just love it here.”

The farming convention continues Friday and wraps up Saturday. They expect 3,000 to check out the 175 vendors, along with keynote speakers, farming workshops and more.

Check out more information on the conference here.

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