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Bridgeview Shopko first to close, as store could file for bankruptcy



Shopko has become the latest box store chain facing possible bankruptcy and at least one store in the La Crosse area could be closed.

The store in Bridgeview Plaza on the north side appears to be set to close, as liquidation signs could go up today.

The reasoning for the chain stores getting closed comes after a pharmaceutical drug company said it provided $67 million in drugs to Shopko in November but has not been paid for a month.

An attorney for the drug firm said Shopko could file for bankruptcy protection Jan. 15.

Shopko was founded in the Green Bay area in 1962, and reportedly has more than 300 stores.

The company has La Crosse area stores at the Shelby Mall and on Highway 16 near Valley View Mall, along with the Bridgeview Plaza location.

Press-Gazette Media says Shopko attorney Stephen Hackney says a restraining order would require the retailer to close its pharmacies and would harm patients who need the medications.

Brown County Circuit Judge William Atkinson rejected McKesson’s request. Neither Shopko, nor its parent company, Sun Capital Partners, returned calls for comment.

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