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Yesterday in La Crosse

A new City Hall was on the way, 51 years ago

Brad Williams



In 1968, the city council was on its second round of bids for a new building to replace the existing La Crosse City Hall at 6th and State, which had been there more than 70 years.  The new building along La Crosse Street would open in 1970.  To save money, planners decided to eliminate an underground heated garage from the design.   

The La Crosse Community Theatre hired a new director to replace Michael Thompson, who was moving to New York.  John Brown was from Canada, and had worked on classroom documentaries as well as stage work.  Brown only stayed at the La Crosse theatre for one year.   

That fall, the Beatles returned to American TV, with two new videos shown on the Smothers Brothers variety show.  One of the songs topped the record chart for nine weeks…”Hey Jude,” in 1968, yesterday in La Crosse.