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“Hair of the dog” hangover treatment, not actually gonna help you Jan. 1

Drew Kelly



It’ll be a fun night for many in La Crosse as they ring in the start of a new year and say goodbye to 2018.

How you feel Jan. 1 might be a different story.

If you want to get rid of a hangover, Dr. Zha with Mayo Health System in La Crosse, doesn’t recommend the hair of the dog treatment.

“Drinking more, that will only delay how long it takes for alcohol to get out of your system,” she said. “That’s not really a way to avoid a hangover.”

Zha only recommends the basic remedies — fluids, rest and Tylenol. She also added it’s smart to having something in your stomach heading into an evening of drinking.

“That will also lessen the symptoms tomorrow,” Zha said.

Bars in La Crosse and across the state are not forced to close at a specific time come Jan. 1.