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Wisconsin housing market slows, Realtors blame shortage of available homes for sale



A continued lack of available homes means a slowing housing market in Wisconsin.

That, according to the latest evaluation from the Wisconsin Realtors Association on the market in the state.

The group says total sales are off a little under 2 percent from last year and 2018 is poised to come in at lower numbers overall than last year, barring something remarkable happening in December.

La Crosse County continues to have one of the tightest markets in the state.

A home spends, on average, just 70 days on the market in the county.

Only three counties have shorter time periods on the market before a house gets sold.

Year-to-date November prices on homes in the state are a little less than 7 percent higher than they were in 2017, far exceeding the inflation rate of less than 3 percent nationwide.

La Crosse County has seen median sales prices on homes increase by about 7 percent over 2017 numbers.

That sales price is at $187,000 for November. The numbers of homes sold in the county is just a fraction higher than last year at the same time.

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