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Analyst: Border wall support not likely even among Republicans



That border wall the president wants? Probably not.

Political scientist Joe Heim, on WIZM Wednesday morning said Donald Trump doesn’t even have Republican votes to pass a wall that most Americans think is unnecessary. 


“There’s enough Republicans that will not pay for the wall because they don’t think it’s necessary or maybe they’re from areas or districts that simply oppose it,” Heim said.

Trump, of course, doesn’t have the Democratic votes, either, that he’s playing the government shutdown standoff over.

Heim, a professor at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, said it’s useful to remember how the nation wound up with 12 million illegal immigrants in the first place.

“It’s because the presidents of the United States — I use the word plural — and the presidents of Mexico, over the last 30 years, have done a wink-wink, ‘It’s good for us, it’s good for you, let’s just kind of keep this going without making too big of a deal.'”

Trump, in that televised argument yesterday with Democratic leaders Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi — Vice President Mike Pence was also in the room — claimed he could get $5 billion worth of border wall funding in the current Republican House, he just needs Democratic votes in the Senate.

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