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Open enrollment deadline approaches, unless you’re in Minnesota



Open enrollment for those getting health insurance through online exchanges ends Saturday.


At least that’s the case for most of the nation but not so in Minnesota. There, open enrollment in the state-run MNSure program continues through Jan. 13.

While MNSure supporters tout the exchange’s benefits and growing enrollments, state rep. Greg Davids, R-Preston, continues his dim view of the program, although he knows incoming Democratic Governor Tim Walz sees things differently.

“Gov.-elect Walz will double down on a plan that didn’t work because he wants to put everybody on MinnesotaCare,” Davids said.

MinnesotaCare is the program for low-income Minnesotans, who don’t have access to affordable health care.

Walz has said he wants to move Minnesota to a single-payer type insurance system, which Davids, a constant MNSure critic, said would be a train wreck.

“We do that, then what happens there, is the reimbursement rates to clinics and hospitals in rural Minnesota are cut so drastically they’ll shut down,” Davids said.

MNSure has been touting enrollment numbers in state exchange plans in which private insurance rates have dropped by double digits in many cases.

Those in Minnesota who enroll between Dec. 16-Jan. 13 will have coverage that starts in February. Everyone before that will be covered Jan. 1.

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