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Plan to limit powers of new Governor an assault on democracy




It is, by any measure, an assault on our democracy. Legislative leaders in Madison have followed through on their threats to ignore the results of the recent election and to limit the powers of the incoming Governor and Attorney General. Their actions, to promote their own partisan interests, are truly shameful. These people do not deserve to be called public servants. They are clearly interested in serving only themselves. They voted along party lines to strengthen their hold on power by taking some powers away from Tony Evers and Josh Kaul. And their temper tantrum continued, as they advanced other positions designed to help only them, by reducing opportunities for early voting. More than 2.6 million Wisconsinites cast their ballots in the recent election, but rather than respect the will of the voters, who chose to reduce the republican stranglehold on power by putting democrats in the governor’s and attorney general’s office, they are thumbing their nose at the results. There is a reason voters chose to put democrats in those offices. Given that voters rejected the policies of republicans, rather than try to cling to power, perhaps those lawmakers should reexamine their positions which voters rejected.

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