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La Crosse Center Board sending both expansion plans to city council

Brad Williams



The La Crosse Center will let City Hall make some decisions about the $42 million expansion plan.

The Center Board voted Wednesday to send both new concepts for building additions to the city council for study, instead of rushing to make a recommendation now.

Should the leaders of the La Crosse Center state a preference for building designs, before the city council does? That idea was one of several suggested to the board by its president, Brent Smith.

“We do make a recommendation, that we just don’t give them to the city council and say, ‘Here’s both of them,'” Smith said. “We express our view, as to what we think, and it allows us as a board, to get more information, before we make that.”

Just a week ago, the civic center invited the public to view proposals to add onto either the north side or the west side of the building.

A second public meeting is planned for Dec. 20. After that, the board could endorse one of the two concepts.

After that meeting, the board will send both options to City Hall to be discussed at January council meetings.