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Mayor Kabat wants feedback on La Crosse Center expansion plans



Yes, give La Crosse’s mayor a piece of your mind.

Mayor Tim Kabat says he’s more than happy to hear from you on proposed expansion plans for the La Crosse Center.

Two new plans were just unveiled last week. Both appear to fit within the proscribed $42 million budget approved for the project.

A new website (here) devoted to La Crosse Center expansion plans provides a venue for providing feedback on those plans through a survey.

“We have to get this right or as close to that as possible,” Kabat said. “As this is a very significant investment for the city  again it’s a $42 million project. That facility drives so much regional, economic development and tourism.”

The two concepts unveiled both involve about 12,000 square feet of renovations and around 60,000 square feet of expansion space.

A decision on a final design could be reached as soon as this month.

Unlike in the last failed process to roll out plans for a Center expansion, this latest try involves a means for soliciting feedback through a community survey on the new website.

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