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Still commitment to Wittenberg park sale, despite delay



Turns out, putting a for sale sign on park land that’s deep in a floodplain isn’t without complications.

That’s what has delayed turning La Crosse’s north side Wittenberg Park into surplus property, so it can be sold and developed, according to north side city council member Andrea Richmond.

“If we’re going to do whatever we do at Wittenberg Park, that’s why, we need to make sure, with adding fill, we do it right,” Richmond said.

Wittenberg, by the interstate, is in the one of the lowest levels in the city. Neighbors have expressed concerns getting that area out of the floodplain could further complicate their floodplain issues.

So, the project has been delayed for six months over the floodplain issue  and not for a lack of interest in the project.

“We want to be safe and know what we’re doing there first and how much it would cost, actually, to do all that,” Richmond said. “It’s best just to take our time and do it right.”

Part of the reason for the sell it off is because the 8.5 acre park is in a floodplain.

The city council, earlier this month, voted to hold off on the park land transfer until May.

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