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NORML sees brighter future in Wisconsin after successful referendums

Mitch Reynolds



A brand new day for cannabis advocates in Wisconsin? It feels like that to Jay Selthofner, founder of the northern Wisconsin chapter of the marijuana advocacy group, NORML.

Selthofner feels like overwhelming majorities on marijuana referendums in this week’s elections points to, at the very least, changes in local marijuana enforcement

“I think you’re going to see a huge push in Wisconsin to decriminalize marijuana on the local level through ordinance violation changes,” Selthofner said.

Selthofner feels local governments will see a higher value in decreasing penalties.

“Make it like a parking ticket or a speeding ticket or a fine and then removing the felony for the people who have dubsequent offenses,” he said.

Selthofner backers of medicinal pot also have fresh ammunition to use at the state legislative level.

On Tuesday, voters across the state approved by wide margins measures to legalize marijuana for recreation, medicine or both.

Representatives from NORML have requested to meet with governor-elect Tony Evers to begin to make their case for a push towards at least the legalization of medicinal marijuana.