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Developer of former La Crosse Kmart site could be announced by next week



New plans will likely soon get unveiled for the former Kmart site in La Crosse.

The old store has been essentially molting since it closed 14 months ago.

Now, city economic development planner Andrea Schnick confirmed to WIZM a developer is likely to be named for the site by the end of next week.

She also confirms that whatever goes there won’t be the big box store replacement that many have been pining for.

“That’s such a valuable property — right in the middle of the city, a very busy intersection, there’s some great anchorage with Festival and Central High School, a lot of neighborhoods there,” Schnick said. “So, we really see a better use of that site than just one store and a lot of parking.”

Having a Target or Costco wasn’t really an option.

“That’s only about an eight-acre site,” Schnick said. “They’re looking for something much larger than that.

“I understand that Kmart was a staple for that neighborhood,” she added. “That’s the neighborhood that I grew up in. Went to Kmart all the time to get your basic supplies and there’s a bit of a lack in the area for that now.”

The current property is assessed at about $3.7 million.

Schnick says the city is not involved in negotiations on sale of the property but she will say the developer getting set to close on the property is local.

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