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La Crosse paid parking pilot program still alive, despite committee vote



While a plan for paid on street parking in a couple of areas of La Crosse is facing a potential hurdle, it could still be put into place.

A city council committee has voted to kill the parking utility’s pilot program for paid, on-street parking around the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse and Western Technical College.

That, however, doesn’t mean the two areas are getting picked on, argues city council member Gary Padesky.

“You have certain areas that are different, unique situations that you can try things,” Padesky said on WIZM. “And, this is a unique situation, and that’s why we’re trying it in that area (UW-L) and at Western.”

The on street paid parking pilot program was set to be implemented in the next few weeks. Commuters would get charged $1 per hour to park in the neighborhoods around the college campuses.

Many students have argued the cost will be an economic hardship, and Padesky also understands that.

“I know it’s going to be hard on some of the young adults at the university, as far as money-wise,” Padesky said on WIZM. “But, you know, sometimes if you have something that’s a little bit harder on you, maybe you look for a solution.”

Padesky did add that the city has worked before to help students in those areas.

“They actually had a test case a few years back, where they (didn’t) have any alternate-side parking for two years, and they failed miserably at moving their cars when it did snow,” Padesky said.

The full city council votes on whether to kill the program next week.

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