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GOP chair says county road referendums offered under false pretenses



Advisory referendums on La Crosse County ballots Tuesday aren’t meaningless.

That according to county Republican Party Chair Bill Feehan, campaigning hard for no votes on the four road-funding questions on election day ballots.

He says those four questions are meant as political cover for a county board that will eventually have to make some hard choices because of money mismanagement.

“I think they painted themselves into a corner and tax increases are coming or increased borrowing is coming,” Feehan said Wednesday afternoon from the WIZM studio. “Money that is going to pay interest charges in La Crosse County very well could have been going to pay for roads.”

The advisory referendums ask, among other things, whether the county should adopt a wheel tax or a special new sales tax to pay for more road fixes.

Feehan hopes voters have strong opinions to share at the ballot box.

“There needs to be a message sent to the people running La Crosse County government, that they can’t just continue to spend money that they don’t have,” Feehan said.

Listen to the full interview here on the La Crosse Talk PM podcast. After Feehan leaves, there is an important discussion on the worst Halloween candies.

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