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In West Salem, Vukmir blasts Baldwin health care policy as “socialist fantasy”

Brad Williams



The Republican challenger in Wisconsin’s U.S. Senate race believes the cost of health care will be a major factor in deciding whether Sen. Tammy Baldwin keeps her seat, or loses it.

State Sen. Leah Vukmir calls Democrat Baldwin’s proposed changes in health care laws a “socialist fantasy” that could cost $32 trillion, according to one analysis.

Vukmir, a career nurse, claims a health bill sponsored by Baldwin would “dismantle” Medicare, and remove millions of Wisconsin residents from health insurance policies.

Vukmir visited the Select Trusses and Lumber factory in West Salem on Friday, to speak with workers gathered in a breakroom.

She also says Baldwin favors “extreme” measures to relax immigration policies, and argues that Wisconsin residents are worried about a caravan that could try to cross the Mexican border.