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Gundersen an outlier to research showing C-sections becoming more popular



New research has found that C-section rates have doubled worldwide since 2000.

Medical experts say 10-15 percent of C-sections are medically necessary. The new research, however, shows the rate has climbed to 21 percent.

Deb Simon, OBGYN with Gundersen Health System in La Crosse, says the risks are much higher.

“Cesarean delivery has increased morbidity for the baby and for the mom, so it’s a major abdominal surgery, Simon said, later adding, “There’s benefits to babies bonding with moms in a non-surgical environment.”

Simon says Gundersen prides itself on making sure their c-section rates don’t increase.

“We actually have a very stable C-section rate of about 20 percent and that’s been consistent over the last many years,” she said. “We’ve been able to do certain measures to try to keep patients from avoiding cesarean deliveries.”

Simon says there’s a percentage that simply don’t want the unplanned delivery and opt for the surgery.

“We counsel them very strongly against it,” she added. “We’re used to being on schedules … and so, I do think the idea of a scheduled delivery for most people is very appealing.”

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