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Drug use in La Crosse jail reportedly leads to near fatal overdose



It took two cans of Narcan to revive a La Crosse County jail inmate, while another is being charged with supplying the drugs.

Jailers found Joseph Franzoi turning blue and unresponsive after a cellmate had called for help Friday.

Mason Jr.

Lindsy Mason Jr. was charged Wednesday for supplying the heroin to the 26-year-old Franzoi.

Mason denies doing so, despite being told authorities reportedly have video of the 28-year-old giving a substance to Franzoi, who then snorted it.

According to the complaint, another inmate told investigators Mason, who didn’t like the jail food, was trading heroin for food from the commissary.

The incident is another example the La Crosse County sheriff’s office will surely point to in asking the county to fund for a drug scanner, which the jail would use to determine if a prisoner is sneaking drugs in.

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