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ICE arrests in Wisconsin not coordinated with local police



Coordination and communication not necessarily part of the illegal immigration round up in Wisconsin this week.

The Immigration and Customs Enforcement office says 83 people were arrested in 14 Wisconsin counties, over a four-day period.

Fifteen of the arrests reportedly happened in Arcadia, Wis.

ICE said a majority of those people arrested have criminal convictions, and 21 came back into the U.S. after being deported.

Arcadia’s police have not returned WIZM requests for comments on whether the department cooperated with the ICE arrests.

The Trempealeau County Sheriff’s Department would not comment other than to say that it did not work with the feds in the roundup.

Madison’s police chief Mike Koval said, despite a standing agreement with the feds to know when and where arrests are made, the 20 arrests in Madison and Dane County were made without prior communication.

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