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Volunteer puts lawn care business to work on storm cleanup

Mitch Reynolds



Part of the Wisconsin way is to pitch in and so many are doing that after massive flooding this week.

Chase Erickson has taken it a step further and put his entire Sparta-based company — Erickson Lawn Care — to work providing free storm cleanup.

“When I first decided to do this, I said, let’s go out and help people that don’t have the right equipment or are in great need of clearing trees away from their property and structures,” he said.

Erickson added that while homeowners can do their own clean up, there can be safety concerns with trees especially when they’re big or get tangled up together. 

“The biggest thing is, a homeowner can do it but it’s all about safety,” Erickson said. “Being able to know what you’re doing and knowing what the trees and gravity can do when you’re cutting.”

Erickson decided to provide services to those in need partly because there’s just so much to do and because the work that needs to get done involves a lot of big heavy trees that need cutting.

“We’re seeing a lot of trees down, a lot of trees hung up in trees we’re having to cut out of the tree and pull out manually,” he said.

They’ve had a busy few days working mostly just around Sparta.


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