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Attorney general candidate calls current office holder Schimel gun views, ‘extreme.’



If the possibility of arming teachers becomes much of a campaign issue this fall, you’ll find plenty of distance between the candidates for Wisconsin’s attorney general.  

Attorney General Brad Schimel and his opponent Josh Kaul could be farther apart on guns in schools. But that might be tough.  

Democrat Josh Kaul says his GOP incumbent again displayed his extreme stances in the last few days by saying the decision to arm teachers should be left to school districts and that his office would help with training if it came to that.

“I think that he’s taking us in the wrong direction on this issue,” Kaul said. “As attorney general I would speak out against any efforts to arm teachers.”

Kaul has his own ideas over trying to arm more people to defend against those who are armed.

“We should be working to adopt some common sense gun safety measures like universal background checks,” he said.

Schimel has also been public about his opposition to gun free school zones saying in an interview earlier this summer, those zones only stop the “law-abiding gun owner” that doesn’t want to get arrested.  

None of those ideas make sense to Kaul.

“We do not need guns near schools,” he said. “I don’t think it’s safe.”