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Walker says Soros, Holder are real opponents in Wisconsin governor’s race



Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker will know who he faces in November’s election in just a few days, after the primary election Tuesday.

But, the governor says he already knows who his biggest competition will be — the big money influence of Republicans’ favorite boogeyman, George Soros and others.

“Our biggest opponent’s going to be, none of these names, none of these eight (Democratic governor candidates),” Walker said. “It’s going to be Eric Holder, George Soros, Tom Steyer — all the millions of dollars that are already said they’re coming into the state of Wisconsin.”

Walker says the, what he calls, “flush” of outside money has already started and, regardless of the Democratic candidate, he expects a close race. The most recent poll had him trailing the leading Democrat by double digits.

“When Eric Holder got involved in a state supreme court race,” Walker said, “where he’s never been involved in Wisconsin state supreme court races before this spring, that was a pretty telling sign that they were targeting the state of Wisconsin.

“Now, because they want to take me out, because there’s a competitive U.S. Senate race and this is a battleground state when it comes to the presidency.”

Walker made his comments this week, while criticizing prison reform plans suggested by some of the Democratic candidates for governor.

A few candidates have made cutting in half the state’s prison population a goal. Walker, who reiterated he has no interest in visiting state prisons, said that’s too dangerous.

Wisconsin, at about 23,000 inmates, currently has roughly double the prison population of Minnesota.