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New video screens to provide driver updates in La Crosse parking ramps



New video screens in La Crosse’s parking ramps should be fully operational today.

Crews spent the last two weeks installing the $6,000 screens at each entrance of the city’s five parking ramps.

The screens should help lesson confusion as drivers enter the ramp.

“Whatever time the parking zone comes free, it’ll just say, ‘Free parking until 6 a.m.’ On the weekends, it’ll say, ‘Free parking on the weekends.'” La Crosse Asst. Police Chief Rob Abraham said. “So, as the person is pulling into the ramp, they’ll instantly have feedback as to what the parking status is in that ramp.”

Abraham said, after testing the screens out in the Pine Street parking ramp, he knew they would be put to good use in all of the city’s ramps.

“They’re very nice,” he said. “Get clear concise messaging out there. Can go through a lot of different messaging quickly.”

Messages on the screens can be updated remotely. The screens can also display public safety information.

The heavy duty quality of the screens are supposed to, among other things, help limit damage from vandalism.

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