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City council to decide on another property tax refund for big retailers in La Crosse



Another tax refund on the way for big retailers in La Crosse.

The city recently settled with retailers like Walgreens and Macy’s over claims of assessments that were too high.

The city council will now decide on yet another settlement. This one also going in part to Macy’s for that company’s former store in Valley View Mall.

It was Macy’s, then Herberger’s and now both companies are gone. But both will apparently get part of the settlement refunding $59,651.20 i

Earlier this year, the city council approved refunding about $151,000 to Macy’s for tax years 2014-2016.

Last year, the city refunded Walgreen’s $84,000 after an assessment dispute. Refunds for other retailers could be on the way.

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