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Rx for hot days: Stay indoors, stay cool, drink fluids



Hot. Dangerously hot. Your forecast for the next couple of days.

Maybe take it easy, says Michael Lindeke, a resident at Mayo in La Crosse. Especially during the hottest parts of the day

“The easiest way to avoid getting in trouble with this kind of heat is obviously to stay inside if you’ve got access to air conditioning,” Lindeke said.  “Certainly, if you don’t have a good reason to go outside…don’t go out and go for a run in this kind of weather.”

Lindeke also recommends increasing your levels of water intake and avoiding much of the caffeine, soda and alcohol you would drink normally. 

“I try to tell people they should be drinking water before they’re thirsty,” he said.  “Don’t go anywhere without having some fluids with you.”

Lindeke also urges you to check on friends, neighbors and family members who may have chronic disease or struggle to care for themselves because they can be particularly vulnerable on high heat days.  

Heat indexes are expected to remain in the triple digits much of Friday and Saturday.



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