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ReNew La Crosse has the volunteers, still looking for projects

Drew Kelly



Usually the work is too much to handle and the volunteers are low in numbers.

It’s the opposite \case this year for ReNew La Crosse, a program which helps spruce up properties in a specific La Crosse neighborhood.

This year it is extending the application process back to mid-June to get more work. Sign up here.

Projects people in the lower Northside Depot neighborhood can sign up for to be completed by ReNew volunteers include landscaping, yard cleanup and painting.

Here is a map of the area ReNew will be working on.

Executive Director Kahya Fox says they pick the neighborhoods strategically through a committee.

Fox says they hope to complete 30 projects in the neighborhood this year during the first four Saturdays in June. This is the sixth year of the program.

Join the Facebook event page here.