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Winona man to be sentenced in 3-year-old Holmen girl’s death



A long court case resulting from the death of an abused child from Holmen could come to an end Wednesday. 

The 3-year-old Holmen girl died of physical abuse and starvation back in 2014.

Dylan Bartsh of Winona is scheduled to be sentenced Wednesday for her death in La Crosse County.

Audryna Bartsh was undernourished and with several injuries when she died.

The autopsy had discovered over 25 bruises and 20 scrapes on the toddler’s head. Audryna was bleeding from the brain, had a black eye, torn lip and 70 scars on her neck from, likely, adult fingernails. She also had over 15 marks on her body that resembled being hit with a wire hanger.

Bartsh pled ‘no contest’ back in January to child neglect leading to death.

Jaymie Rundle, who was the 33-year-old Bartsh’s girlfriend at the time, was sentenced to eight months electronic monitoring for her treatment of the girl.

“This is the saddest case I’ve had involving child abuse,” La Crosse district attorney Tim Gruenke said at the time of Rundle’s sentence.

He added that Rundle had a responsibility to tell Audryna’s mother or other family members what was happening to the girl. 

The abused girl’s biological mother was not part of the household.


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