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Child tax credit, sales tax holiday pass final legislative tests, await Gov. Walker’s signature



“Like drunken sailors.” 

That was the line of the day Thursday as Wisconsin state lawmakers finished up some business in Madison.

The quote comes from state rep. Katrina Shankland (right). The Democrat is irked that Republicans were pushing through a tax rebate for parents rather than use $122 million of a state surplus to put money back in the UW system.

Shankland’s quote exactly: “I watched for a long time, republican legislatures spend like drunken sailors.”

She also wasn’t happy with Gov. Scott Walker’s $100-per-child tax credit, which will be distributed a few weeks before Wisconsin goes to vote for its next governor.

“You hand out $100 checks to voters right before an election,” she said on the Assembly floor. “How shameful.

“I have watched while Republican legislators hand out hundreds of millions of dollars to private companies, private voucher schools and $100 checks given to voters right before an election,” she added.

Parents can expect to collect $100-per-child rebates sometime before fall, apparently. There’s also a sales tax holiday, which will happen in the first weekend of August and covers limited items.

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