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La Crosse Sen. Shilling derides GOP for “calling it quits”



A dim view of Republican actions at the end of the legislative session from La Crosse’s state senator Jennifer Shilling.

The Senate minority leader said Republicans dumped out of serious work and passed measures meant to “boost lagging poll numbers” instead.

The special $100-per-child tax credit approved by the state Senate Tuesday was apparently one example of those measures. Shilling criticized the credit — and it’s $122 million price tag — on the Senate floor.

“I would rather the state keep this and you make a significant contribution of $122 million to … anything else!” she said. “It could be Medicaid reimbursement. It could be roads. It could be schools.”

The $100 per child tax credit was Gov. Scott Walker’s idea for giving back part of the state’s projected surplus. The Senate also approved the governor’s plans for a sales tax holiday.

“I just don’t think that this is the most effective way that we can help families here in this state,” Shilling said.

Shilling’s party has criticized both as election giveaway gimmicks, all about boosting approval numbers for Republicans.

Shilling said “many priorities for Wisconsin families were left unaddressed” upon the conclusion of the legislative session.

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