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Todd Kendhammer sentenced to 30 years before parole eligible for murder of wife, Barb



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Judge says 20-year minimum is not long enough for Barb Kendhammer’s murder

Todd Kendhammer will have to wait until 2048 before he can ask for release from a life sentence for murdering his wife. 

The West Salem man briefly thanked his family and friends before being sentenced by a La Crosse County judge for the 2016 beating death of Barb Kendhammer. 

While the defense asked to make Kendhammer eligible for release after 20 years, Judge Todd Bjerke said that was not long enough.

Neither was 25 years, the length of Todd and Barb’s marriage. 

Bjerke noted that evidence in the case was overwhelming, and he believes that the 47-year-old Kendhammer “snapped” and attacked his wife, and then tried to make it look like a metal pipe crashed through their car windshield. 

Four members of Todd’s family, including his daughter Jessica Servais, spoke on his behalf in court. 

Barb’s cousin Gerianne Wettstein spoke for the victim’s family, arguing that Barb fought for her life in scratching Todd on the neck and chest during a struggle.

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