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Doyle says plenty of talk about guns and schools in the wake of Florida school shooting



Gun issues and school shootings aren’t being ignored in the Wisconsin state capitol.

Onalaska Democratic state rep. Steve Doyle says there’s definitely been some talk in Madison since the Parkland school shooting in Florida earlier this month.

“And, as you can imagine, from the super liberal to the super conservatives and everybody in between, there are a million different ideas in that regard,” Doyle said.

So far, however, it’s just been talk and bouncing ideas off one another.

“One of the things that we’re hearing,” Doyle said, “is that there is pretty strong support for some sort of additional help to schools, whether it be more police officers or maybe metal detectors, if the schools want them.”

Doyle says, as much as state lawmakers would like to do something about guns, some of the regulatory oversight is the responsibility of the federal government.

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