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Eminent domain to be used if necessary for entrance to Riverside North development



La Crosse’s city hall won’t necessarily have to condemn a piece of property to create an entrance for a new development.

There will, however, be that option under a resolution moving forward in La Crosse.

Monday, the city’s Board of Public Works agreed on a proposal to condemn a planned entrance to the Riverside North development if necessary.

It’s a big step forward, says Mayor Tim Kabat, on a giant project.

“This goes back decades and it’s going to be a very significant achievement when we put that first shovel in the ground for a development project,” Kabat said.

The 35-acre former Mobil Oil site is by far the largest stretch of developable land in the city. A master developer is apparently close to getting selected for the project.

Condemnation may not have to occur, depending on negotiations for the narrow stretch of land off of Copeland Ave. But it would open up access to the massive site and crank up the heat to get the project right Kabat said.

“There’s a lot of pressure and, as rightly, there should be,” Kabat said.

The city is getting closer to identifying a master developer for the former Mobil Oil site. Work on utilities and other infrastructure for the project is expected this spring.

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