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Substance abuse outreach for veterans likely to continue but only as pilot program



Funding for a substance abuse treatment program for veterans appears destined to continue in a temporary manner.

State lawmakers in Wisconsin are close to approving funding for the program as a pilot-only again, though some have argued for permanence in funding to maintain services for vets.

Included in that group is Chandra Cox, from Coulee Cap in La Crosse, testifying in Madison this week on the measure. She says the program has been successful locally.

“It is imperative that we realize that the vets that have served us and protected us and kept us safe, have led us through their actions and their valor and their honor,” she said. “And we owe them that same respect.”

While advocates like Cox point to many examples of the program helping veterans with substance abuse issues, a lack of permanent funding means it needs to be approved annually by the Legislature.

Funding for the program sunsets on July 1, 2019.

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