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Progressive group calls Trump Medicaid shift “smear campaign”



Critics have been quick to slam new rules for Medicaid from the feds this week.

The Trump administration has given the green light for states to put work requirements on receiving federally-funded Medicaid benefits.

Ten states, including Wisconsin through Gov. Scott Walker, have asked for that ability.

The whole thing stinks, according to Katie Dunn, from the progressive group Citizen Action of Wisconsin

“It’s just another smear campaign that Trump and Walker are known for,” Dunn said. “It’s not based in reality at all. Most folks who are on medicaid who can work, already work.”

These work requirements for poor people to get health insurance is just the start, Dunn claims.

“This is something that they’ve been gunning for for a long time,” she said. “They have cut these taxes for the super rich. And now what are they gonna do to make sure their bills are paid?

“They’re going to slowly stop paying for Medicaid, cutting Medicare and Social Security.”

It’s not immediately clear how many adults in Wisconsin would be included under the work requirements. States still have to apply for waivers and could substitute job training and school for the requirements.

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