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Mini Italian Skewers (Antipasti)



½ pound refrigerated cheese tortellini

50 salami or pepperoni slices (usually 2 small packages)

1½ pounds mozzarella cheese, cut in ¼-inch by 1-inch pieces (or your desired size)

1 (16-ounce) bottle Italian dressing

1 (6-ounce) can or jar of medium olives, any kind or mix of green, black, kalamata, etc.


Cook tortellini according to package directions; do not overcook. They should be firm. Drain; rinse with cold water. Spread out on clean towel or paper toweling to cool. Place in ziplock bag; add Italian dressing and let marinate 2 hours (or overnight), refrigerated. On each toothpick, thread 1 tortellini, a salami-wrapped cheese cube and an olive. Arrange skewers on a platter or stand in bowl. Can be made ahead of time, covered with plastic wrap and refrigerated. Can easily be turned into a salad – add chopped red onion, bell pepper and artichoke hearts, whole grape tomatoes, shredded carrots and/or grated parmesan cheese. Cut the salami in bite-sized pieces or use mini pepperoni. I alternated between green, spinach-cheese tortellini, and white, 3-cheese tortellini; ½ pound Genoa salami, half mozzarella cheese and half Sargento garlic and herb (Monterey) Jack snack bites. I alternated between green pimiento-stuffed and large black, pitted olives.

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