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Texts while in jail from “customers” doesn’t help alleged drug dealer from Bangor




The underwear full of meth and the backpack of marijuana was enough for police. The texts he received while at the station didn’t help. 

Customers were apparently unhappy.

Jesse Turnmire was pulled over around 4 a.m. Friday in La Crosse.

Police found 40 grams of meth in the 28-year-old’s underwear, 105 grams of weed in his backpack. The Bangor, Wis., man also had $500 in cash and some digital scales.

But, while in jail, Turnmire received several texts about having to wait two hours for product. One text even said it was bad business.

Turnmire was on probation for meth possession from two years ago and had warrants for his arrest before police found drugs.

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