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South side La Crosse convenience store zoning request to get final shot



So far, it’s been looking pretty bleak for AKD Petroleum and a new store.

The company wants to open a new convenience store at 16th and Jackson streets in La Crosse.

Company reps say they’re trying to help the area by easing what they see as a “food desert.” City staff have expressed skepticism of the owners claim, and neighbors have objected primarily because the owners openly sell drug paraphernalia at another store a few blocks away on State Rd.

“If you go in there you can observe a large quantity of drug paraphernalia that’s for sale,” Darcy Lenz told a city council committee. “As a neighborhood watch, it’s a big concern for us.”

Owners of the infamous “brown paper bag special” store have gained attention for selling ready-for-use meth smoking kits from behind the counter earlier this year.

“THere’s crack pipes, there’s bongs for smoking marijuana,” Lenz said. “And other drugs, as well. It’s very concerning. It’s not just one shelf. It’s two large display cases so it’s a pretty prominent part of their business.”

The city council votes on a rezoning application for the new convenience store at a meeting tonight.

that they’re opening a store to help out what they see as an area in a “food desert.”

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