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Trump’s state self-sufficiency push should help Gov. Walker’s drug testing plans



President Donald Trump and Gov. Scott Walker appear to be on the same page in more than one way.

This week, the Trump administration announced plans to encourage states to aim for more self-sufficiency when it comes to public benefits.

That should be encouraging for Walker, who needs the administration’s OK to institute his plan for drug testing for benefit recipients.

Important, Walker says, to help businesses meet their needs. Walker says he hears about it from business all the time.

“Two things: give me people with basic employee ability skills,” Walker said. “I mean soft skills. I don’t mean a welder, machinist or fabricator. I mean somebody who can show up for work every day, works a full week, who asks for time off, who can actually follow the rules and, who can pass a drug test.”

Walker has submitted a plan to state lawmakers for drug testing benefit recipients. If the feds agree, it’s a policy that could be in place within a year.

It’s not punitive,” Walker claims. “For us, it’s simple. If someone fails to be able to pass that drug test, we set money aside for rehabilitation because we know if people are healthy and clean, we can find a job for anyone in the state of Wisconsin.”