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Mitrel Anderson arrested again



Told police he was defending himself, and to check video 

Mitrel Anderson was arrested again over the weekend.

His version of events and what the video showed were two separate things.

He charged with disorderly conduct after police say he started a fight at a La Crosse Kwik Trip.

Police were called to the Copeland Ave. store shortly before midnight on Friday.

Anderson said as he was getting into his car, a man who goes by the nickname “Authentic”, taunted him about the murder of Demario Lee, for which Anderson was acquitted.

Anderson got out of the car and punched the man in the face. He said he was defending himself from the inevitable attack.

When asked his pain level on a scale of 1-10, Anderson said it was a 30 including emotional pain.

Anderson says he is constantly attacked by Lee’s family and friends and blames La Crosse police for letting it happen.

After begging police to check the video, it was determined Anderson was the one who initiated the fight.

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