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Local Rep., Dem. party chairs react to indictments of Trump advisers



One think Manafort will spill beans, while other questioned Hillary Clinton

A lot of opinions nationally on the federal indictments for former Donald Trump advisers, including former campaign manager Paul Manafort.

Locally, La Crosse democratic party co-chair, J.D. Wine doesn’t think this is the end of the indictments for those associated with the president.

“I suspect now that they’ve indicted him, they’re going to be leaning on him even harder and he’s probably going to start spilling the beans on people,” Wine said.

La Crosse Republican party chair Bill Feehan questions why more focus isn’t on reports of Hillary Clinton securing payments to the family foundation in exchange for Russian access to low grade U.S. uranium reserves.

“I can’t see why Donald Trump would be involved with the Russians,” Feehan said.

Wine, however, believes that depends on how many more face charges.

“I’m one of those in the camp of starting off with little fish, and working up to the big fish,” Wine said. “I think that’s what’s going to happen.

“I don’t want to predict about how far up it’s going ot go but I think it’s going to go up higher yet.”

The White House has tried to create distance from all three men facing indictments. A spokesperson says the news has “nothing to do with the president.”

Feehan says it’s not a good look for Manafort and others face federal charges but he doesn’t think the situation will impact Trump much.

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