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Minnesota health exchange in better place, but state rep. still believes it’s a trainwreck



Republican insists only way to a fix is to dump Obamacare 

Obamacare open enrollment starts in about a week.

The new sign up period finds Minnesota’s MnSure health exchange in better shape than last year when premiums soared in the state.

That led to some quick emergency fixes, which have made a difference, as health Health premiums haven’t spiked like last year, according to Preston Republican state rep, Greg DAvids. He isn’t, however, celebrating much.

“Even though we’re holding the line on premiums, we can’t be patting ourselves on the back too much, because people are still being devastated by the way Obamacare has ruined the private health care market in Minnesota,” Davids believes.

And though Davids says MnSure exchange is in a much better place but still, in his mind, a trainwreck. So, he continues to insist the only way to work towards a fix in health care is to first dump Obamacare.

The constant critic of Obamacare is hopeful for a solution in Washington’s fight over premium subsidies.

“We did everything at the state level that we could do,” Davids said, “but we have a long ways to go because people are still devastated by very high premiums, very high deductibles.

“So, they may have health insurance but they’re not getting health care because they’re not going in, either they’re putting things off which you don’t want to do with health care.

It’s important, he says, as health insurance premiums on the individual market have more than doubled for some in the state in three years.

“We’re headed in the right direction, but it was so devastated in the last couple years because of the downward spiral, the death spiral, that obamacare created in the individual market,” Davids said.

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