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When this car’s a rockin,’ La Crosse police came a knockin’

WIZM staff



Couple wouldn’t stop having sex, despite police telling them to stop 

A La Crosse woman had called police complaining of moaning coming from a car on the street outside her home.

Police arrived to find a car rocking back and forth on Adams Street. Inside, two completely naked individuals.

Police told them to stop and exit the vehicle. They didn’t. In fact, they resumed having “relations.”

Cops said the 21-year-old man was belligerent saying he was being, “Blocked,” adding he wished the cop would understand, since it was Oktoberfest weekend, and he was a guy.

When police asked why they didn’t stop, 20-year-old woman replied, “He wasn’t finished yet.”

Both spent the night in jail, facing charges of lewd and lascivious conduct but those charges were dropped.

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