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Suicide prevention bill would allow self-prohibition on gun purchases



Would be first of its kind, though similar bills involve gambling 

Getting a vote today in Madison is a bill that would allow carrying a gun without a license or training in Wisconsin.

Meanwhile, a much different gun bill is getting introduced — a self-exclusion bill, in which a person could sign up to make themselves ineligible for a gun purchase.

The bill is aimed at preventing gun-related suicides, says state rep. Melissa Sargent.

“The folks that we are aiming this legislation at are people who know that they are in crisis and want to take proactive steps to keep themselves safe,” she said. “This bill will likely save everyone from a suicide death involving a gun. It would make a difference.”

Currently, half of suicides in the state are committed with a gun. The bill is modeled after similar self-exclusion bills, involving gambling in other states.

“This is a unique bill,” Sargent said, as the measure would be the first in the U.S. to allow individuals to exclude themselves from gun purchases. “The first of its kind that would allow people to self-exclude themselves from the ability to purchase firearms.

“What we’re doing is we’re empowering people in Wisconsin to be able to take the best care of themselves.”

Under Sargent’s bill the state’s department of justice would maintain the list of those who’ve willingly given up their right to own a gun.

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