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Taxes vs. Borrowing: Gov. Scott Walker’s road-funding problem



Candidate Andy Gronik says Walker needs to drop “the brand” 

MADISON, Wis. — It’s still unclear if the biggest disagreement in Wisconsin’s long, overdue budget has been settled.

Republicans lawmakers have been at an impasse on roads and how to fund them.

Blame Gov. Scott Walker and his unwillingness to raise taxes for roads, says Democratic candidate for governor Andy Gronik at a recent WisPolitics.com luncheon in Madison.

“What Gov. Walker wants to do is stick to the brand,” Gronik said. “The brand is, no new taxes. That’s why, no gas tax. That’s the brand.

“What he doesn’t say in this branding statement is, “I’m just going to charge it on your charge card instead.’ That’s not fair, that’s sneaky.”

The state’s next two-year spending plan is two months late largely owing to disagreements among Republicans on how to fund roads.

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