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Steve Doyle skeptical of luring Foxconn to Wisconsin with millions in incentives



Foxconn - Steve Jurvetson (www.flickr.com/people/jurvetson)

Taiwanese company could bring in 10,000 jobs. 

Could be hundreds of millions of dollars in incentives Wisconsin uses to lure an electronics manufacturing giant to the state.

Some have hinted it will take that much for the state to attract the Taiwan-based Foxconn.

There might not be an imminent deal to bring the giant to Wisconsin, however. Gov. Scott Walker says no real proposal is on the table to lure Foxconn to the southeast Wisconsin in a big expansion.

He’s even refused to confirm that Wisconsin is even talking with the company, even though House Speaker Paul Ryan and others have said negotiations are ongoing.

Onalaska Democratic state rep. Steve Doyle is looking skeptically at what a forthcoming incentive plan might look like.

“I think we have to be careful in these kind of handouts,” Doyle said. “The mom and pop store down the street are saying, ‘You’re not giving me any handouts to employ people in our community. Why these guys, coming in from another country, do we give them handouts?'”

Some close to negotiations say getting the Foxconn operation would bring in 10,000 jobs.

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