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Wisconsin businesses optimistic about future according to survey



WMC CEO says businesses view Trump positively.

While President Donald Trump’s polling numbers haven’t been great since he took office, businesses, apparently, have an overall positive view of the president.

That’s reflected in the latest Wisconsin survey released by the business group WMC, according to president and CEO Kurt Bauer.

“There was a groundswell of optimism when President Trump was elected,” Bauer said. “And now that they have seen his administration, they apparently like what they’re seeing, despite the fact that he hasn’t got a lot of his big legislative agenda through the Congress. He has done a lot through Executive Order.”

The article states that “half of the 232 C-suite executives who completed the survey rated the Wisconsin economy as ‘strong,’ up from 23 percent in December.”

“I think they like the new tone,” Bauer said. “They like somebody who understands business and understands the challenges that they have – not only competing within the United States, but globally.”

Bauer sees that view especially in manufacturing.

“I think,” Bauer said, “he truly understands that if you want to raise people up and increase wages and lift people to the next level, manufacturing is going to have to be part of the equation because that is what created the broad middle class in the United States.”

Americans in general have had a slightly dimmer view of the president’s work, according to most major opinion polls conducted this spring.

Polls listed on RealClearPolitics range from 34 to 50 percent. That 50 percent, a poll Trump tweeted about over the weekend.

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