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Amending the Constitution to get big money out of politics in Wisconsin

Mitch Reynolds



700 have done so nationwide, including 97 in Wisconsin.

Some communities in Wisconsin are voting to amend the U.S. Constitution today.

Nine in total around the state will vote on a referendum calling for an amendment to overturn the Citizens United decision by the Supreme Court – a decision that amendment supporters say, gave way too much voice in politics to big money corporations. 

“Only those who pay for the campaigns get represented,” George Penn with Wisconsin United to Amend said. “Because, if they don’t get representation, they won’t fund the next campaign.

“We are not important to most politicians because they have to answer to their funders.”

Yes votes today would bring the total to over 100 communities in Wisconsin that have voted to amend. Communities have overwhelmingly approved the amendment resolution. More than 700 have done so nationwide.

“It’s important because we’re not represented anymore,” Penn said. “We the people, we’re not represented anymore.”

Penn says the process is probably still a couple of decades away from turning into a constitutional amendment.

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